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Our Awesome Services.

COINMAC Security Services offer a full range of electronic security services including design, installation, training, consulting and support services. The range covers Video Surveillance, Biometrics, Electronic Access Control, Parking Controls, Intruder Alarm and a host range of electronic security solutions.

CCTV have now become a security standard in ensuring both business organizations and residences are protected. In today's world, security camera systems have made it easier to be everywhere at the same time, it ensures that every critical moment in your business or at you residence is captured and observed for a timely reponse. A Security Camera System gives you a total control to witness first hand whatever that is happening in your secure area, for example, employee or customer theft, vandalism, employee or customer misconduct, and so much more. When you have had our Security Camera systems installed, specifically at your place of business or residence, you unquestionably understand that a Security Camera System is a basic need and not a luxury!

COINMAC Security technicians are experienced specialists in the design, installation and maintenance of bespoke security solutions. Our company is an authorized Partner with many of the world’s leading manufacturers of electronic security products.

We also offer other different kinds of security cameras such as Wifii Solar Cameras, Solar Cameras, Hidden Cameras, Baby monitor cameras with temperature monitor and so much more.


Deter Criminal Activity * Cost Effective Form of Security * Protect your Home and Business * Prevent Vandalism * Monitoring your Designated Area 24/7 * Help in Emergency Situation * Aid Investigations * Monitoring Staff and Student *

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