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36 courses
Distribution Logistics N320,000 Open
The Effective Procurement Manager N280,000 Open
Best Practices In Inventory Management N280,000 Open
Practical Practices In Logistics Contracts N320,000 Open
Applying Accounting Tools To Inventory N315,000 Open
Optimising Warehouse Performance N320,000 Open
Creating Value Along Supply Chain And The Process Management N315,000 Open
Strategic Procurement Skills For Competitive Advantage N290,000 Open
Leadership in Procurement N260,000 Open
Integral Warehouse Management Training N315,000 Open
Advanced Planning In Supply Chain Management N280,000 Open
Engineering The Warehouse N280,000 Open
Managing Project Supply Chain N270,000 Open
Supply Chain Effectiveness Audit N250,000 Open
Warehouse Management And Inventory Control N280,000 Open
Strategic Inventory Management N280,000 Open
Best Practices of Supply Chain Management N280,000 Open
Overcoming Supply Chain Challenges in Times of Crisis N290,000 Open
Logistics And Distribution Management N270,000 Open
Logistics And Supply Chain Management N280,000 Open
Effective Tender Preparation and Evaluation Techniques N280,000 Open
Logistics Management and Strategy N250,000 Open
Advanced Inventory Management N270,000 Open
Excellence In Warehouse Management N280,000 Open
Master of Logistics and Retail Management N315,000 Open
Managing Channels To Markets Through Distribution Channels N280,000 Open
Humanitarian Logistics And Disasters N315,000 Open
Supplier Relationship Management In The Supply Chain N280,000 Open
Managing and Overcoming Supply Chains in Times of Crisis N250,000 Open
Warehouse Operations - Planning And Management N270,000 Open
Management Skills For Warehouse Supervisors N270,000 Open
Improving Efficiency And Minimizing Costs In The Modern Warehouse N325,000 Open
Mastering Logistics And Supply Chain Management In Construction N280,000 Open
Inventory Management And Purchasing Skills N320,000 Open
Safe Warehousing - Warehouse Safety, Policies & Procedures N280,000 Open
Lean Distribution N320,000 Open

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