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20 courses
Circuit Breaker, Power Transformer And Motors N369,000 Open
Instrumentation And Controls Fundamentals For Facilities Engineers N314,000 Open
Safety Checking Of Electrical Appliances N300,000 Open
Generator And Effect Of Sudden Loading N445,000 Open
Electrical Protective Relays And Protection Systems N330,000 Open
Electrical For Non-Electrical N370,000 Open
Combined Cycle Power Plants (CCPP) Service Maintenance N275,000 Open
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) System Electrical N320,000 Open
Maintenance And Troubleshooting Of UPS System N260,000 Open
Condition Monitoring Of Electrical Machines N365,800 Open
Transformation And General Protection, Testing And Maintenance N385,000 Open
Hazards From Electrical Installations N345,000 Open
Circuit Breakers, Switchgear And Maintenance N280,000 Open
Programmable Logic Controller N445,000 Open
Electrical Distribution Network Design N270,000 Open
Heavy Duty Gas And Steam Turbines - Operation And Maintenance: Combined Cycle Operations (CCPP) N340,000 Open
Troubleshooting Of Electrical Equipment And Control Systems N300,000 Open
Introduction To Combined Cycle Power Plants (CCPP) N445,000 Open
Electrical Inspection And Testing Workshop N230,000 Open
Protection Of Electrical Power Systems N370,000 Open

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