Efficient Administrative Skills


Date and Venue

March 6, 2023 - March 10, 2023
CSS Farm Resort, Nasarawa State.
May 15, 2023 - May 19, 2023
Nicon Luxury Hotel Abuja
Aug. 7, 2023 - Aug. 11, 2023
Top Rank Hotels Galaxy, Ikeja, Lagos
Oct. 16, 2023 - Oct. 20, 2023
Premier Hotel Ibadan, Oyo State


Course Objectives:

After completing this course, participants will have learned to:

    • Adapt to the manager’s needs and style of working
    • Take initiative when needed
    • Develop social intelligence
    • Develop basic business acumen
    • Understand the importance of office management
    • Listen actively
    • Prepare for changes and surprises
    • Manage others and keep them on track
    • Keep minutes
    • Manage meetings expertly
    • Understand and use email protocol
    • Develop computer and communication skills
    • Develop phone and voicemail etiquette
    • Develop confidentiality
    • Understand and use social media management
    • Handle difficult people and situations

Course Outline:

Lesson 1

    • Getting Started; Workshop Objectives; Pre-Assignment
    • Advanced Skills for Administrative and Executive Assistants -

Lesson 2

    • Working with Your Manager; Adapting to Their Style; Anticipate Their Needs
    • Getting Your Responsibilities Defined; When to Take the Initiative

Lesson 3:

Administrative Soft Skills

    • Social Intelligence; Basic Business Acumen; Office Management; Active Listening

Lesson 4

    • Effective Time Management; Calendar Management; Prepare for Changes and Surprises
    • Keeping Others on Track; Urgent / Important Matrix; Case Study

Lesson 5

    • Meeting Management; Creating an Agenda; Keeping Minutes
    • Keeping the Meeting on Time; Variations for Large and Small Meetings

Lesson 6

    • Tools of the Trade (I)
    • Email Protocol
    • Office Machinery
    • Computer and Software Skills
    • Communication Skills

Lesson 7

    • Tools of the Trade (II)
    • Phone and Voicemail Etiquette
    • Word Processing
    • Business Writing
    • Internet Research

Lesson 8

    • Being an Effective Gatekeeper; Filtering Data and Information; Learn to Say No
    • Dealing with Difficult People; Recognize the Tricks

Lesson 9

    • Organizational Skills; Prioritizing Your Workload; Goal Setting
    • Plan for Tomorrow, Today; Staying on Track

Lesson 10

    • Confidentiality Guidelines; Your Confidentiality Duty; Be Diplomatic and Discreet
    • Keeping Data Secure; What to Do in Sticky Situations

Lesson 11

    • Special Tasks; Project Management; Trade Shows; Interacting with Clients; Social Media Management
    • Case Study

Lesson 12

    • Wrapping Up
    • Words from the Wise