Managing Channels To Markets Through Distribution Channels


Date and Venue

March 13, 2023 - March 17, 2023
CSS Farm Resort, Nasarawa State.
June 26, 2023 - June 30, 2023
CSS Farm Resort, Nasarawa State.
Aug. 21, 2023 - Aug. 25, 2023
CSS Farm Resort, Nasarawa State.
Nov. 20, 2023 - Nov. 24, 2023
CSS Farm Resort, Nasarawa State.


This program delivers high-value content and practical tools applicable across a wide range of channel structures and associated challenges: Consumer goods and services companies selling through wholesalers and retailers. Business-to-business firms working through independent distributors and sales representatives. Retailers seeking to improve efficiency in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Intermediaries seeking to preserve their role in an increasingly fluid channel structure.

Who Should Attend

  • Senior executives – managers, directors and vice presidents – responsible for creating and managing channels of distribution in manufacturing, wholesale, retail, and service firms
  • Other senior leaders with strategic go-to-market responsibilities
  • Entrepreneurs in need of a go-to-market strategy

Key Benefits

  • Develop analytic skills through case studies and interactive mystery shopping, and apply lessons learned to your organization’s channel system
  • Learn methodologies and tools that will help you select channel intensity and appropriate partners, design incentives and resolve conflict
  • Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of channel activities by leveraging emerging technologies
  • Build symbiotic win-win-win channel and customer relationships

Program Content

Designing Channel Strategies for Specific Marketing Segments

  • Understand how your customers/end users buy and which channel benefits they value most - not just what, but how they want to buy
  • Target the highest potential channel segments in your market
  • Learn how to tailor channel experiences to deliver the priority benefits sought by channel customers

Organizing Channel Activities with the Right Set of Partners

  • Choose fitting channel intermediaries for target channel segments
  • Discover how to set your distribution intensity
  • Allocate channel functions to appropriate channel members for efficiency, effectiveness and customer experience optimization
  • Integrate your supply chain with your distribution and go-to-market approach

 Empathizing with Partners to Re-engineer Your Channels

  • Go beyond margins and commissions to solve critical business problems of fitting partners
  • Learn how to work with partners to jointly identify and solve end-user problems
  • Identify and manage around constraints that limit your optimal channel design

Aligning Channel Incentives from a Position of Power

  • Use channel pricing to align partner incentives
  • Leverage brand and expertise assets to become an indispensable channel partner
  • Apply effective power sources to manage ongoing channel conflict

Special Feature: Using the Channel Audit Toolkit

The Channel Audit Toolkit leads you through a full channel analysis. The handbook describes the audit process, while the workbook aids in the assessment of your channel design and operation. The toolkit is designed for use not just during the program but in your business afterward.