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Disaster Recovery Planning


Date and Venue

April 17, 2023 - April 21, 2023
CSS Farm Resort, Nasarawa State.
July 24, 2023 - July 28, 2023
1084 Boutique Hotel, Port-Harcourt.
Sept. 25, 2023 - Sept. 29, 2023
University of Ibadan Guest Houses
Nov. 6, 2023 - Nov. 10, 2023
Zaranda Hotel, Bauchi, Bauchi State



What is a Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) and why do I need one?Business Continuity Planning, is emphasized in this course which will enable you to construct a BCMS, to enable you organization to identify and address any risks to its business continuity. This involves analyzing the risks to determine the extent to which measures taken may protect the organization. Part of Business Continuity Planning is to create formal documentation to record the actions that are needed in the event of an incident (called an Incident Management Plan or, formerly, a Disaster Recovery Plan. This will include the actions, timescales, responsibilities, and resources required following an indicent.To effectively plan for potential disruption to mission-critical operations, it is necessary to first identify those operations. This course helps you understand this point of view and implement prevention and recovery techniques in a systematic and effective way.Why should I be concerned about Business Continuity Planning (BCP)?Recent global and political events have made businesses aware of their need to anticipate and respond to potential threats. The International Standards Organization (ISO) has recognized the need for a holistic approach to BCP with the introduction of its BCP standard ISO 22301. Potential disruptions range from attacks via networks connected to the Internet to destruction of corporate headquarters.Any of these can affect your organization's ability to meet the needs of its customers, which can ultimately threaten its survival if mission-critical processes are affected.This course utilizes a systematic approach to develop the steps you and your organization must take to help ensure the availability and integrity of your systems and ensure their recoverability in case of disaster. Target Participants: Who will benefit from this course?This course is valuable for anyone involved in organizational business continuity planning, including those responsible for: ICT (Information and Communication Technology) Service Delivery, Line and project management, Facilities, Human Resources, and finance.

What workshops are included in the course?Participants will work in groups to gain a comprehensive understanding of and to document the business continuity requirements for a fictitious organization. Following each major topic, the course offers an exercise session on that topic. Activities include:

    • Identifying the impact on critical business functions
    • Assessing risk: exposure, vulnerabilties and threats
    • Developing appropriate countermeasures
    • Organizing teams during incident response
    • Assessing contingency options


You Will Learn How To:• Implement a Business Continuity Management System (BCMS)• Set BCM in the organizational context• Perform Business Impact Analysis (BIA) to identify business priorities• Identify and respond to risk• Coordinate the response following an incident• Test, maintain and improve the BCMS