COINMAC is a statistical consulting and data analysis services company for scholars and researchers. We provide a range of services to scholars and researchers including Experimental Design, Sample Size Estimation, Data Collection, Data Processing, Data Analysis, Hypothesis Testing, and Reporting.

The team at COINMAC provides a full range of data analysis services to support your research work. Our statistical consultants are well equipped to understand your research needs. We ensure that your research work is executed successfully. Statisticians at COINMAC are skilled in using R, SPSS, SAS, Splus, Minitab, AMOS, and other statistical analysis softwares.

COINMAC offers statistical advice to Universities, Public and Private Sectors of the economy. Our goal to help public and private sectors, university faculty, staff, and graduate students perform top-notch research, with the greatest emphasis on data analysis related to grants and publications, but also including dissertation research. We provide advice and resources to enable you to develop and/or extend your statistical computing skills, helping you to independently use common statistical packages for the analysis of research data.

We provide assistance with:
  • the design of studies and experiments, including the preparation of grant proposals
  • data visualization and presentation
  • choice and application of statistical methods • development of specialized statistical methods in some cases


This unit performs the following functions:
  • Statistical Survey/Data Collection
  • Marketing Research
  • Statistical Computing/Analysis
  • Statistical Interpretation
  • Report Writing
  • Statistical Quality Control (for manufacturing industires)

Our in-house consultants have experience primarily with the R and Stata statistical analysis systems, but they work with clients using whatever statistical package is most convenient for them. (Note: Statistical consulting is for study design and data analysis advice, including statistical software tutorials.) Extensive hands-on assistance with data analysis is not generally available without funding, although staff can often provide direct assistance with "small" data analysis projects . Fee-based collaborative consulting, including data analysis and written reports is available. Certain larger projects can sometimes be addressed as independent study projects for select graduate students. University researchers with a need for assistance with substantial data analysis are welcome to contact Ayo Salam ( directly with details of their scientific problem.

Please note that we do not offer telephone consulting (that is to say, we do not answer statistical consulting questions over the phone).

The statisticians at COINMAC offer statistical consulting and data analysis services to assist scholars and researcher with all aspects of their thesis, dissertation or research data analysis. Our statisticians can help you with the statistical analyses of your quantitative or qualitative study.
Our team of statisticians can help you in developing statistical considerations, such as statistical hypotheses, statistical methods, sample size justification etc. for your dissertation, thesis or research proposal. In addition, we can help you in performing statistical analysis during the analysis phase of your research work. Our team will provide you a clear and easy to understand reports with appropriate tables and graphs for all statistical analysis. In addition, we will also provide you all the related input and output files that we generate.

Our team of statisticians is experienced and has excellent statistical knowledge. They have the ability, skill, and expertise to demystify the process of analyzing quantitative and qualitative data, with equal ease. The team of statisticians at COINMAC is highly committed to the success of each scholar, researcher or other individual client who hires us for statistical analysis assistance.
Our statistical consultants will fully demonstrate how to interpret and report each type of statistical procedure that we suggest. We make sure that you completely understand the reason for the selection of statistical analysis and how the analyses were run in statistical software. We will assist you till you successfully defend your research work or till your research work is successfully accepted.

...We deliver training to stimulate professional performance.