Availabe courses



20 courses
Decision Making By Using Budget And cost control $3,500 Open
Accounting, Decision Making, and Financial Communication $5,000 Open
Advanced Treasury Management $4,500 Open
Budgeting Management Workshop: Managing Budget Effectively $3,050 Open
Finance and Accounting for Office Administrators And Secretaries $3,050 Open
The Essentials of Accounting, Budgeting And Business Finance $3,050 Open
Finance, Accounting and performance Measurement $3,050 Open
Strong Financial Management Towards Effective and Efficient Utilization of Donor Funding $3,500 Open
Finance for Executives $3,500 Open
Effective Financial Modelling $3,500 Open
Decision Making By Using Budget and Cost Control $3,500 Open
Finance for Non-Financial Professionals $3,500 Open
Spreadsheet Skills for Planning, Forecasting and Budgeting $3,500 Open
Strategic And Financial Planning $3,500 Open
Effective Budgeting and cost control $3,500 Open
Effective Internal Auditor $3,500 Open
Financial Planning and Forecasting $3,050 Open
Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting for Administrative Professional $3,050 Open
Budget Preparation and Control $3,050 Open
Internal Control Guidelines, Concepts and Implementation $3,050 Open

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