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19 courses
National Workshop On Strategic Leadership Development For Trade Union Officials N280,000 Open
International Workshop On Re-Thinking Industrial Relations Practices For Achieving Competitive Edge N140,000 Open
Organizational Transformation Through Effective Conflict Management And Resolution N160,000 Open
Collective Bargaining Strategies And Techniques For Achieving Industrial Harmony N230,000 Open
Organizing And Mobilizing Strategies For Trade Union Effectiveness N220,000 Open
National Workshop On International Best Practices In Labour-Management Relation: Linking Labour Relation To Organization Development N350,000 Open
Strategic Grievances Handling Techniques For Organization Effectiveness N225,000 Open
Techniques Of Information Gathering, Processing And Utilization For Effective Labour-Management Discussion And Negotiations N140,000 Open
Grievance Handling Procedures And Conflict Resolution Strategies: Implication For Organizational Growth N160,000 Open
Strategic Grievances Handling Techniques For Organization Effectiveness N230,000 Open
Trade Union Practices In A Changing Environment N220,000 Open
Industrial Relations And Employment Practices In A Global Economic N350,000 Open
Workshop On ILO Decent Work Agenda: Implications For Employment Practices In Nigeria N280,000 Open
Labour Law And Employment Regulations: Implications For Industrial Relations Practices N225,000 Open
Effective Trade Union Governance And Administration N340,000 Open
Dynamic Of Trade Union Capacity Building In A Changing World N220,000 Open
Workshop On Entrepreneurial Skills Development N350,000 Open
National Workshop On Labour Administration In Nigeria: Issues And Challenges N280,000 Open
Strategies For Enhancing Union-Management For Negotiation Skills For Organization Growth And Stability N225,000 Open

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