Availabe courses



20 courses
Advanced Taxation Data And Documents Management N320,000 Open
Improving Tax Dispute Resolution Mechanisms N345,000 Open
Masterclass in Tax Administration N360,000 Open
Tax Crime and Fraud Investigation Course N390,000 Open
Effective Revenue Collection Strategies N350,000 Open
Certificate in International Taxation Principles and Practices to Combat Tax Evasion and Tax Avoidance N300,000 Open
Digital Transformation of Tax Administration N350,000 Open
Aggressive Tax Planning Strategies and Management Course N380,000 Open
Value Added Tax (VAT) Course N350,000 Open
Tax Policy Analysis and Tax Revenue N300,000 Open
Transfer Pricing in Taxation N320,000 Open
Masterclass in International Taxation Law N300,000 Open
Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) N350,000 Open
Tax Audit Professional Course N390,000 Open
Tax Data Organization, Visualization And Interpretation Within A Geographic Information System (G.I.S) Framework For Tax Data Management And Enhancement N220,000 Open
Training Workshop On Tax Filing And Assessment N350,000 Open
Statistical Analysis Techniques In Tax Revenue Forecasting N280,000 Open
Computer Spreadsheet- Use And Analysis For Audit And Advanced Computer Based Tax Audit N225,000 Open
Tax Reform And Development Workshop N340,000 Open
Increasing Tax Revenue Base Using Geographic Information Systems N225,000 Open

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