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Electoral Process And Practices $3,500 Open
Assertiveness Skills Improvement Course For Office Attendants, Cleaners, Gardeners And Other Junior Personnel $3,500 Open
Management Of Stores And Inventory $3,500 Open
Financial Skills For Proactive Assistants And Secretaries Personal $3,500 Open
Developing Personal Effectiveness With Positive Habits $3,500 Open
Strategies For Revenue Mobilization And Finance Management $3,500 Open
Improving Government And Controlling Corruption $3,500 Open
5-Star Performance Management And Emotional Intelligent $3,500 Open
Due Diligence $3,500 Open
Mediation, Conciliation And Conflict Resolution $3,500 Open
Responding, To Poverty And Development Policies And Programmes $3,500 Open
Anti-Corruption Strategies And Fraud Prevention In The Workplace $3,500 Open
Leadership And Empowering High Performance Groups And Team $3,500 Open
Skills Development On Tax And Social Security Administration $3,500 Open
Strategic Planning $3,500 Open
Pension Planning, Analysis And Development $3,500 Open
Achieving Leadership Excellence $3,500 Open
Controlling Follow Up And Performance Evaluation Skills $3,500 Open
Managing Change: People And Process $3,500 Open
Management Accounting, Auditing, Financial Development And Computer Application $3,500 Open
Enhancing Leadership Skills With Effective Interpersonal Interaction $3,500 Open
Mastering Negotiating Skills $3,500 Open
Advanced Supervisory Skill- The Supervisor Development Programme $3,500 Open
Skills Upgrading And Policy Awareness Course For Town Planning Technicians, Building Inspectors And Surveying Assistants $3,500 Open
Bench Marking And Performance $3,500 Open
Public Sector Accounting, Auditing And Financial Management $3,500 Open
Management Of Health Institution For Effective Result $3,500 Open
Techniques Of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) And Preparation Of Environment Impact Statements $3,500 Open
Management, Control And Evaluation Of Grants And Funded Project $3,500 Open
Motivating, Coaching, Counselling And Mentoring: Practical Tools For Effective Leadership $3,500 Open

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