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21 courses
Advanced Contract Management $4,500 Open
Strategy Implementation And Control Using Best Practice Balanced Scorecard And Project Management $4,500 Open
Maritime Business Management $4,500 Open
Analysis And Use Of Data For Decision Making $4,500 Open
Marine Pollution Management And Policy $4,500 Open
Workshop On Principles And Practices of Cabotage $4,500 Open
Maritime Economics $4,500 Open
Maritime Management And Leadership $4,500 Open
International Marine Insurance Workshop: A Complete Guide To Key Principles, Current Trends And Recent Incidents Affecting Marine Insurance $4,500 Open
Vendor And Contractor Prequalification $4,500 Open
Managing Project Using Microsoft Office Project Server 2010 Management Of Risk (M_O_R) $4,500 Open
Project Troubleshooting And Recovery $4,500 Open
Managing And Negotiating With Consultants And Contractors $4,500 Open
Advanced Project Management: Building Personnel Relationship Skills $4,500 Open
The Purchasing And Contract Masterclass $4,500 Open
Project Management Compliance: Planning, Scheduling And Control $4,500 Open
PMP Exam Prep Bootcamp $4,500 Open
Commercial And Technical Evaluation Of Tenders $4,500 Open
Contract Management: Managing Tenders, Specifications And Contracts $4,500 Open
Advanced Project Management $4,500 Open
Managing Successful Programmes $4,500 Open

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