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19 courses
International Workshop on Re-thinking Industrial Relations Practices for Achieving Competitive Edge $5,000 Open
Collective Bargaining Strategies and Techniques for Achieving Industrial Harmony $4,500 Open
Organizational Transformation Through Effective Conflict Management and Resolution $5,000 Open
Organizing and Mobilizing Strategies for Trade Union Effectiveness $4,500 Open
National Workshop on International Best Practices in Labour-Management Relation: Linking Labour Relation to Organization Development $4,500 Open
National Workshop on Strategic Leadership Development for Trade Union Officials $4,500 Open
Strategic Grievances Handling Techniques for Organization Effectiveness $4,500 Open
Techniques of Information Gathering, Processing and Utilization for Effective Labour-Management Discussion and Negotiations $3,050 Open
Grievance Handling Procedures and Conflict Resolution Strategies: Implication for Organizational Growth $3,050 Open
Strategic Grievances Handling Techniques for Organization Effectiveness $3,050 Open
Trade Union Practices in a Changing Environment $3,050 Open
Industrial Relations and Employment Practices in a Global Economic $3,050 Open
Workshop on ILO Decent Work Agenda: Implications for Employment Practices in Nigeria $3,500 Open
Labour Law and Employment Regulations: Implications for Industrial Relations Practices $3,500 Open
Effective Trade Union Governance and Administration $3,500 Open
Dynamic of Trade Union Capacity Building in a Changing World $3,500 Open
Workshop on Entrepreneurial Skills Development $3,500 Open
National Workshop on Labour Administration in Nigeria: Issues and Challenges $3,500 Open
Strategies for Enhancing Union-Management for Negotiation Skills for Organization Growth and Stability $3,500 Open

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