Availabe courses



20 courses
Instrumentation and Controls Fundamentals for Facilities Engineers $5,000 Open
Safety checking of Electrical Appliances $4,500 Open
Generator and Effect of Sudden Loading $4,500 Open
Electrical Protective Relays and Protection Systems $4,500 Open
Electrical for Non-Electrical $4,500 Open
Combined Cycle Power Plants (CCPP) Service Maintenance $4,500 Open
Condition Monitoring of Electrical Machines $3,050 Open
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) System Electrical $3,050 Open
Maintenance And Troubleshooting of UPS System $3,050 Open
Hazards from Electrical Installations $3,050 Open
Transformation and General Protection, Testing and Maintenance $3,050 Open
Circuit Breaker, Power Transformer And Motors $3,050 Open
Circuit Breakers, Switchgear And Maintenance $3,500 Open
Programmable Logic Controller $3,500 Open
Electrical Distribution Network Design $3,500 Open
Introduction To Combined Cycle Power Plants (CCPP) $3,500 Open
Heavy Duty Gas and Steam Turbines - Operation and Maintenance: Combined Cycle Operations (CCPP) $3,500 Open
Troubleshooting of Electrical Equipment And Control Systems $3,500 Open
Electrical Inspection and Testing Workshop $3,500 Open
Protection of Electrical Power Systems $3,500 Open

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