Project Leading


Date and Venue

March 27, 2023 - March 31, 2023
1084 Boutique Hotel, Port-Harcourt.
June 12, 2023 - June 16, 2023
Premier Hotel Ibadan, Oyo State
Aug. 21, 2023 - Aug. 25, 2023
University of Ibadan Guest Houses
Nov. 20, 2023 - Nov. 24, 2023
CSS Farm Resort, Nasarawa State.



Project leadership requires a wide range of skills, techniques and approaches if the job is to be handled effectively and projects are to be delivered successfully. This course provides practical training and coaching in the key principles and practices of project team leading as a first step for a career in project management.

This Project Leading course has gained a reputation for being highly effective and intensive with emphasis on equipping delegates to undertake all of the responsibilities of project leadership. The primary message is that good Project Leaders 'make a difference'. With this in mind, delegates will be expected to take ownership of problems and be accountable for their actions, and as such are encouraged to identify business issues and be proactive in generating workable solutions. The aim is to prepare attendees for the full demands of the Project Leader's role, providing the necessary skills and techniques which can be applied immediately on their return to the workplace. This challenging course enables delegates to assess their potential to undertake a career in professional Project Management.

This is an interactive five-day course with a combination of lectures, workshops and case study work. Great emphasis is placed on the practical application of project leading skills in a realistic pressured environment. 


Role of the Project Leader 

  • The role/responsibilities, skill and experience required of a project leader
  • The key attributes of a project leader

Elements of Project Leading 

  • The need to manage the job in hand
  • Team dynamics
  • The needs of the individual team members

Terms of Reference 

  • The importance of defining and agreeing a project Terms of Reference
  • What they consist of, who's involved in the production, sign-off and application of the T.O.R for progressing a project

Work Breakdown Structure

  • Definition/development of a Work Breakdown Structure
  • How does the WBS affect project planning and control?
  • Contribution to risk management
  • Rolling wave planning and business review milestones

Project Planning, Estimating and Control Principles

  • The problems and benefits associated with planning
  • 5-step approach for producing realistic and achievable plans
  • Deliverables based planning
  • Estimating techniques
  • Network diagrams
  • Critical path analysis
  • Resource allocation
  • Bar charts and histograms
  • Resource smoothing and project control activities

Quality Management 

  • Understanding the difference between quality control and quality assurance
  • Quality reviews and metrics and how to set up quality procedures

Change Control

  • How to set up a change control process, i.e defining roles & responsibilities, levels of authority, procedures, and documentation


How to motivate team members to get them to do willingly what you want them to do

Risk Management 

Understanding the basic process for identifying, managing and reporting risk within the project

Case Presentation

  • Structuring a team presentation
  • Pitching the presentation at the appropriate level
  • Anticipating questions and objections and gaining a decision

Planning Case Study 

This is a major exercise which is designed to consolidate the techniques, principles and lessons learnt on the course. Each delegate has the opportunity to lead a team and also participate as a team member. The success of the project depends on the ability of everyone working together as a highly motivated and organised team


This course should be attended by those new to the function of project management, and existing project leaders and managers who need a sound base of formal training. Attendees will typically be running small projects or distinct areas of larger projects, and will have a desire to move into professional project management.