5G Fundamentals & Potential Deployments


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Top Rank Hotels Galaxy, Ikeja, Lagos
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The International Conference Centre University of Ibadan


 TOPIC: 5G Fundamentals & Potential Deployments


This course is designed to introduce the concepts and possible deployments for the launch of 5G Wireless Networking.. The preparation for the launch of 5G has already begun and we need to understand how this technology will impact our exisiting networks and terminals and what new technologies and/or deployments will be required.

During this course we will discuss various potential requirements for 5G wireless environments, starting with the 10 pillars of 5G and drivers for the requirements for the technology.

We will investigate the 5G Internet, the use of and support for virtualisation, quality of service support, over-provisioning, demand vs capacity and the mobile cloud. Cognitive radio and the use TV white space will be discuss as will green flexible RF and the need for SON.


Target Participants: Who will benefit from this programme?

This hands-on course provides managers, service planners, system integrators, engineers and systems architecture professionals an opportunity to undertake hands-on exercises that enable them to understand this new generation of technology.


By the end of this study tour, participants will be able to:

  • The possible 5G Architectures
  • The use of Cognitive Radio
  • What is TV White Space
  • The Radio Design System
  • Security issues within 5G
  • Broadcast Broadband Architecture
  • The Wireless Spectrum Crunch
  • Dominant Small Cell HetNets


Amongst a wide range of valuable topics, the following will be prioritised:


Drivers for 5G 

5G Road Map

  • 10 Pillars of 5G
  • 5G Architecture
  • 5G Specifications

5G Internet 

  • The Internet of Things & Context-Awareness
  • Network Reconfiguration & Virtualisation Support
  • Quality of Service Support
  • Emerging Approach for Resource Over-Provisioning

Small Cells for 5G 

Capacity Limits & Achievable Gains with Densification

  • Demand vs Capacity
  • Small Cell Challenges

Cooperation for Next-Generation Wireless Networks 

  • Cooperative Diversity & Relaying Strategies
  • PHY Layer Impact on MAC Protocol Analysis
  • Performance Evaluation

The Mobile Cloud

  • Mobile Cloud Enablers
  • Network Coding

The Concept of Network Slicing 

  • One-size-fits-all networks
  • The Cloud & 5G
  • Virtualisation offers non-vertical architectures
  • Network Slicing to support:
  • Geographical coverage area
  • Duration
  • Capacity
  • Speed & Latency
  • Robustness
  • Security & Availability

Cognitive Radio for 5G Wireless Networks 

Cognitive Radio Technology in 5G Wireless

  • Spectrum Optimisation using Cognitive Radio
  • Cognitive Radio & Carrier Aggregation
  • Key Requirements & Challenges for 5G Cognitive Radio Terminals

The Wireless Spectrum Crunch 

  • TV White Space Technology
  • White Space Spectrum Opportunities & Challenges
  • TV White Space Applications
  • Role of WS in 5G

5G Architecture 

Unified 5G Broadcast Broadband Architecture

  • Challenges to be addressed
  • The BB-BC Study: What needs to be done?

Security Issues 

Security in 5G Communications

  • Overview of potential 5G Architecture
  • Security issues in 5G

SON Evolutions in 5G Wireless Networks 


  • The Need for SON in 5G
  • Evolution towards Small-Cell Dominant HetNets

Green Flexible RF for 5G 

Radio Design System

  • Nonlinear Crosstalk in MIMO Systems
  • Conclusions & Future Outlook