Management And Administration of SharePoint Server 2013: Hands-On


Date and Venue

March 27, 2023 - March 31, 2023
Zaranda Hotel, Bauchi, Bauchi State
June 12, 2023 - June 16, 2023
Premier Hotel Ibadan, Oyo State
Aug. 21, 2023 - Aug. 25, 2023
Zaranda Hotel, Bauchi, Bauchi State
Nov. 20, 2023 - Nov. 24, 2023
University of Ibadan Guest Houses



  • Plan, install, administer and secure a SharePoint Server 2013 farm 
  • Build effective web application and site collection hierarchies 
  • Configure service applications for search indexing, profile import and metadata 
  • Establish claims-based authentication to control access 
  • Maintain server health through monitoring 


  • Installing a new SharePoint 2013 farm 
  • Synchronizing Active Directory with profiles 
  • Indexing website and file share content 
  • Authenticating users with the claims-based model 
  • Checking SharePoint with Health Analyzer jobs 
  • Recovering a list from an unattached database 


SharePoint Architecture Overview

Exploring SharePoint 2013 features

  • Comparing SharePoint 2013 editions 
  • Automating administration with PowerShell 
  • Reviewing SharePoint terminology 

Planning and Implementing a SharePoint Installation

Designing a server farm

  • Determining system requirements 
  • Mapping requirements to the SharePoint topology 
  • Selecting a suitable edition and installation option 
  • Contrasting on-premises and cloud deployments 

Installing SharePoint Server 2013

  • Choosing a SQL Server edition 
  • Upgrading from SharePoint 2007 
  • Creating a new SharePoint 2013 farm installation 

Deploying custom software

  • Taking advantage of the Developer Sandbox 
  • Debugging software deployment using the Developer Dashboard 

Managing Web Applications

Creating IIS websites

  • Selecting an authentication mode 
  • Handling multiple URLs with Alternate Access Mappings 
  • Extending a web application to enable multiple authentication modes 

Adding site collections

  • Choosing a suitable site template 
  • Controlling growth using quotas 
  • Changing site collection owners 

Configuring a content database

  • Sizing SharePoint databases based on content 
  • Implementing the Remote BLOB Service 

Configuring Service Applications

Designing an effective search strategy

  • Improving performance with FAST Search 
  • Custom Search Content Areas 

Importing Active Directory profiles

  • Defining and mapping profile attributes 
  • Creating effective rules to display personalized content 
  • Implementing social networking using My Sites 

Managing metadata

  • Establishing term stores for data tagging 
  • Contrasting terms and keywords 

Integrating data with Business Connectivity Services (BCS)

  • Managing credentials using Secure Store Service 
  • Reading and writing data from external systems 

Presenting BI information

  • Creating KPIs with the Dashboard Designer 
  • Configuring a BI center to expose content 

Securing SharePoint 2013

Authenticating with the server

  • Contrasting Kerberos with NTLM 
  • Implementing claims-based authentication 
  • Streamlining security using managed accounts 

Controlling access with permissions and roles

  • Managing permissions with Farm Passphrase 
  • Defining object permissions by breaking inheritance 

Monitoring and Optimizing Performance

Keeping SharePoint healthy

  • Setting up Health Analyzer jobs 
  • Diagnosing issues with the Unified Logging Service 
  • Tracking SharePoint with System Center Operations Manager 

Disaster Recovery

Developing an effective backup strategy

  • Restoring content databases 
  • Implementing mirroring and clustering techniques