The customer service and public Relations Master class


Date and Venue

April 17, 2023 - April 21, 2023
CSS Farm Resort, Nasarawa State.
July 24, 2023 - July 28, 2023
Top Rank Hotels Galaxy, Ikeja, Lagos
Sept. 25, 2023 - Sept. 29, 2023
1084 Boutique Hotel, Port-Harcourt.
Nov. 6, 2023 - Nov. 10, 2023
Zaranda Hotel, Bauchi, Bauchi State


About the Course:  

Our Masterclass combines the disciplines of advanced customer service management and PR/communications in a powerful state-of-the-art course to enable you to exploit this colossal opportunity. In a fast-paced, interactive course you will work closely with other delegates to hone your relationship-building skills and strategies and to develop a planned approach to deal with the ‘new’ consumer. You will learn how to build lasting rapport and mutual respect with your customers while you uncover their needs, match them, build respect and maintain customer loyalty

Understanding the processes of communication and decision making and the behavioural patterns of others to determine how you need to change your own behaviour and communication in order to communicate, influence and negotiate more effectively with your colleagues, customers and other stakeholders.

This course will enable you to:

    •     Build lasting and meaningful relationships with your customers
    •     Use powerful behavioural tools to ensure you secure and maintain a competitive edge within any marketplace
    •     Gain a greater understanding of your customers’ needs and how to satisfy them
    •     Explore the basics of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Emotional intelligence and discover how they can help                         you to improve your customer services management
    •     Understand how media channels con be used successfully to develop and enhance relationships
    •     Understand the process of decision-making based on learning from neuro-economics
    •     Develop your ability to draw stakeholder maps and to explore and exploit the relationships between stakeholders
    •     Influence with integrity and effective communication

Course Objective

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

    •     Build lasting rapport and lasting relationships with colleagues, customers and friends
    •     Modify your own behaviour to match others
    •     Establishing good working relationships
    •     Learn to influence with integrity
    • To use influencing skills and techniques to build ongoing and long term relationships with key customers and other stakeholders
    •     To be able to create and adapt crystal clear models for communication between your organisation and its customers
    •     Build co-operation and commitment
    •     Understand your customers’ needs and how to satisfy them
    •     An ability to tailor services to meet your stakeholders needs
    •     Plan communications activity to meet stakeholder needs
    •     Be more versatile in every customer or stakeholder-facing situation
    •     Explore the range of communications techniques and tools available
    • Develop increased skill writing for print and the web and competency in the range of PR tools and techniques including editing
    •     Learn how to write clear brief and clear objectives
    •     Learn how to be an effective user of e-media
    •     Develop crisis management techniques
    •     Develop your interview technique
    •     Develop personal communications effectiveness
    • Recognise behaviours that may cause conflict in the future, enabling you to defuse awkward, and sometimes critical, confrontations with colleagues and customers alike

Target Participants:

Anyone who provides services, products or information to internal or external customers including personnel from:

    • Training, customer service, sales professionals, technical and support personnel, accountants, field services representatives, finance and credit controllers, reception, front-line staff, marketing, communication specialists, public relations personnel
    • Also anyone who will ever need to influence others, either socially or commercially and managers who want to add high-level communications and influencing skills to their personal portfolios