Availabe courses



17 courses
Creative Strategic IT Leadership $3,500 Open
Power Excel- Analyzing Data To Make Business Decisions $3,500 Open
I.T Customer Relationship And Delivery Workshop $3,500 Open
IT Project Management $3,500 Open
Operating System Fundamental $3,500 Open
IT Project Management $3,500 Open
Relational Database Design, Management Tools And Techniques $3,500 Open
Negotiating and Drafting IT (Information Technology) Contracts $5,000 Open
Advanced Excel Operations $3,500 Open
Computer Techniques In Engineering Design Using AutoCAD $3,500 Open
Computer Techniques In Accounting And Audit Practice $3,500 Open
Information Techniques (IT) Awareness For Productivity Improvement $3,500 Open
Basic Microsoft Excel $3,500 Open
Electronic Records Management In The Public Sector $3,500 Open
Disaster Recovery Planning $3,500 Open
Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) $5,000 Open
Electronic Records, Document, Archives and Information Management $5,000 Open

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