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49 courses
Assertiveness Skills Improvement Course for Office Attendants, Cleaners, Gardeners and Other Junior personnel N165,800 Open
Leading with Excellence N200,000 Open
Bench Marking and Performance N280,000 Open
5-star Performance Management and Emotional Intelligence N239,000 Open
Financial Skills for Proactive Assistants and Secretaries Personal N199,000 Open
Management of Stores and Inventory N175,000 Open
Developing Personal Effectiveness with Positive Habits N170,000 Open
Improving Government and Controlling Corruption N180,000 Open
Strategies for Revenue Mobilization and Finance Management N190,000 Open
Due Diligence N160,000 Open
5-Star performance Management and Emotional Intelligent N175,000 Open
Mediation, Conciliation and Conflict Resolution N179,000 Open
Responding, to Poverty and Development Policies and Programmes N380,800 Open
Anti-Corruption Strategies and Fraud Prevention in the Workplace N165,000 Open
Leadership and Empowering High performance Groups and Team N260,000 Open
Strategic Planning N280,000 Open
Skills Development on Tax and Social Security Administration N365,800 Open
Pension Planning, Analysis and Development N260,000 Open
Achieving Leadership Excellence N260,800 Open
Electoral Process and Practices N289,800 Open
Controlling Follow up and performance Evaluation skills N270,000 Open
Managing Change: people and process N260,800 Open
Management Accounting, Auditing, Financial Development and computer Application N375,000 Open
Enhancing Leadership Skills with Effective Interpersonal interaction N280,000 Open
Mastering Negotiating Skills N265,000 Open
Advanced Supervisory Skill- The Supervisor Development Programme N199,000 Open
Skills Upgrading And Policy Awareness Course for Town Planning Technicians, Building Inspectors and Surveying Assistants N265,500 Open
Techniques of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Preparation of Environment Impact Statements N280,000 Open
Public Sector Accounting, Auditing and Financial Management N260,000 Open
Management of Health Institution for Effective Result N325,000 Open
Management, Control and Evaluation of Grants and Funded Project N375,000 Open
Motivating, oaching, counselling and Mentoring: practical Tools for Effective Leadership N270,000 Open
Achieving Leadership Excellence N245,000 Open
Stategies for Leading Successful Change Initiative N199,000 Open
The 360o Leader: Emotional Intelligence in Leadership Pinnacle N225,000 Open
The Leadership Challenge N220,000 Open
Improving Organisational Performance through Sustainable Leadership N225,000 Open
Leadership, Creativity & Peak Performance N195,000 Open
Communication, Coordination & Leadership N199,000 Open
Advanced Teamwork & Cooperation Skills N249,000 Open
Leadership & Strategic Impact N210,500 Open
Achieving Leadership Success through People & Innovation N220,000 Open
Performance Measurements, Continuous improvement & Benchmarking N235,000 Open
Advanced High-Performance Leadership N229,000 Open
Leading Project Team N240,000 Open
Leadership to Empower, Enable and Engage N450,000 Open
Strategic Crisis Management, Incorporating Security & Major Emergency Response N219,000 Open
The Director as a Strategic Leader N250,000 Open

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