Construction Quality Control On Site


Date and Venue

April 17, 2023 - April 21, 2023
Nicon Luxury Hotel Abuja
July 24, 2023 - July 28, 2023
Top Rank Hotels Galaxy, Ikeja, Lagos
Sept. 25, 2023 - Sept. 29, 2023
Premier Hotel Ibadan, Oyo State
Nov. 6, 2023 - Nov. 10, 2023
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Structural engineers are encountering many problems due to the hot climate and the other environmental conditions. Quality control in construction of the reinforced concrete structure is a complete function which involves management, statistics and engineering. In a hot climate, it needs more precaution in concrete industry and on the construction of the building to match with the requirement to this weather. All the examples and real case studies for oil and gas projects.

In this COINMAC Construction Quality Control on Site training course will focus on using the statistics as a tool to control all the activities of the construction projects, especially the concrete product. The quality control of the concrete is illustrated in scope of the different codes and specifications.

This COINMAC Civil & Construction Engineering training course will deliver a state-of-art methodology to control the concrete quality, introduces ways to control the specification recommendations in detail, and all the new modern the techniques and methodology used in concrete industry to enhance the concrete quality. This COINMAC training course on Construction Quality Control on Site will cover the main QC concept for shell specs and other international oil and gas companies.

This COINMAC training course will feature:

  • Different codes and standards for Quality control
  • Quality control test (video presentation)
  • Effects of quality in project sustainability
  • Main skills and required knowledge for QC On Site
  • QC procedure for concrete in a hot climate
  • QC for steel structure activities


By the end of this COINMAC training course, participants will:

  • Familiarise all quality management techniques and procedures
  • Learn available non-destructive testing for concrete and steel structure projects
  • Understand the practical tools to control the concrete and the whole project that includes field-testing and the required laboratory facilities
  • Familiarise various techniques for evaluating the structures under construction
  • Learn modern field measurements such as concrete strength
  • Familiarise with all quality control techniques in hot climate

Seminar Outline


Introduction Total Quality Management (TQM) of Concrete

  • Total Quality Management System
  • Quality Assurance & Quality Control
  • Who will perform the quality control?
  • Quality Management constrain in Oil and Gas Projects
  • Pareto Chart
  • How to control the concrete from ready mix plant?
  • How to control concrete casting onsite?
  • Coefficient of Variation
  • Auditing the Construction Site Quality
  • Precaution in Design Mix in Hot Weather


Components of Concrete Material

  • Codes Recommendation for the Quality Control
  • Codes and Specifications Limitations as ACI and EN
  • Comparison on Different Non-destructive Testing
  • The Nature of Concrete Variability
  • Preparation before Concreting
  • Concrete Materials Properties such as Aggregate and Cement
  • Check the Corrosion in Steel Bars
  • Example of QC of Concrete Foundations Construction under Vibrating Machine


Properties of Fresh Concrete

  • Basic Statistics
  • Collecting a Data for Evaluations
  • Statistics for the Quality Control Data
  • Evaluating the Grade of the Quality
  • Concrete Design Mix
  • Precaution in Design Mix in Hot Climate for Remote Area
  • QC for Fresh Concrete
  • Quality Control for Concrete Formwork
  • Pouring Concrete in Hot Weather Problems
  • Workability Test for Concrete
  • Cube and Cylinder Test
  • The Replacement of the Steel Bars
  • The Permissible Deviation in Erection Steel Structure
  • Applied Load on the Steel Structure of Pipe Rack in Construction Activities


Comparison between Different Non-destructive Tests

  • Comparison between Different Fresh Concrete Tests
  • Core Test
  • Rebound Hammer
  • Lok Test
  • Load Test for Floor Deck under Machine
  • Ultrasonic Test
  • Corrosion Phenomena Affect Quality
  • Different Corrosion Protection System
  • QC for Corrosion Protection System for Oil and Gas Plant
  • Applying QC on Wood Formwork and Steel
  • Steel Reinforcing QC
  • Procedure of QC Onsite
  • QA/QC Case Study for Foundation in Gas Plant


Integrity Management

  • Materials Used in Welding Steel Structure
  • QC for Equipment Preservation and Installation for Static Equipment
  • QC for Tank Construction
  • QC for Foundation Construction and Machine Installation
  • The Precaution in Welding Process
  • Anchor Bolts QC
  • The Reasons of Welding Defects
  • Overview of the 5 Methods (PT,MP,RT,UT,VI)
  • Integrity Management System for Oil and Gas Plants