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51 courses
Structural Design For Non Structural Engineers N320,000 Open
Building Preventive Maintenance N310,000 Open
The Complete Course On Construction Management,Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making N280,000 Open
Construction Management , Procedures and Implementation N315,000 Open
Interpretation and Enforcement Of Construction Contracts For Industrial Plants NNULL Open
Best Practices In Sewage and Effluent Treatment Technologies Processes, Theory, Maintenance,Operation and Troubleshooting N310,000 Open
Structural Analysis and Design For Concrete Buildings N310,000 Open
Risk Based Inspection and Maintenance For Reinforced Concrete Structure N280,000 Open
Structural Steel Design - Pipe Rack, Shelters, Pipe Supports, Platforms and Ladders N320,000 Open
Advanced In Steel Work Design and Inspection N310,000 Open
Durability Of Reinforced Concrete Structures Assessment and Repair N320,000 Open
Inspection, Assessment and Repair Of Concrete Structure N325,000 Open
Pavement Design Of Roads N325,000 Open
Road Construction Materials and Construction Technologies N250,000 Open
Road Maintenance N270,000 Open
Advanced GPS Control Network Survey and QC N320,000 Open
Construction and Building Envelope Inspection N250,000 Open
Traffic Data Collection and Analysis N320,000 Open
Total Building Commissioning Process N320,000 Open
Damage Assessment and Rehabilitation Of Concrete Structures N280,000 Open
Geometric Design Of Urban and Rural Roads N320,000 Open
Utility and Infrastructure Maintenance, Rehabilitation and Renovation For Civil Engineers N315,000 Open
Construction Supervision Skills N305,000 Open
Construction Quality Control On Site N270,000 Open
Best Practices Property Management N300,000 Open
Building Operational Excellence In The Process Industry N320,000 Open
Advanced Insulation and Refractory Materials and Work Execution N320,000 Open
Advanced Construction Management, Site Operation and Supervising Multiple Projects N270,000 Open
GPS General Training and Software Applications N320,000 Open
Building Finishes and Rehabilitation Works N320,000 Open
Blast Resistance Buildings For Oil and Gas Field N310,000 Open
Green Building and Whole Building Commissioning Tools N320,000 Open
Geographical and Mapping Information Management System N310,000 Open
Assessment Of Defects In Concrete Structures and Evaluation Of Safety Of Concrete Infrastructure N280,000 Open
Planning Construction Equipment and Methods For Reducing Cost Of High-rise Buildings N280,000 Open
Industrial Building Design - Blast Resistance and Resilient For Oil and Gas Field N280,000 Open
Geometric Design Of Urban and Rural Roads N320,000 Open
Sloping, Benching, Embankments and Bundwalls N320,000 Open
Engineering Materials For Buildings and Bridges N280,000 Open
AutoCad Civil 3D Land Development N280,000 Open
Structural Condition Assessment Of Existing Structures N280,000 Open
Road Project Management N280,000 Open
Design, Inspection, Repair and Maintenance Concrete Structure In Petrochemical Plants N320,000 Open
Designing and Analysing Water Networks Using Computer Applications N270,000 Open
Construction Management and Supervising Multiple Projects N325,000 Open
Designing High Performance Concrete Structures N300,000 Open
Industrial Building Design - Control Room, Substations, Warehouse and Offices N320,000 Open
Quality Control and Assurance For Concrete and Steel Structure Projects N310,000 Open
Utility and Infrastructure Maintenance, Rehabilitation and Renovation For Civil Engineers N315,000 Open

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