Availabe courses



14 courses
Records Management in the judicial sector $5,000 Open
Legal and Legislative Drafting workshop $3,500 Open
Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), ICT and Legislative Drafting Course $4,500 Open
Capacity Building Workshop on Ethics for Government Lawyers $3,050 Open
Successful Company Secretarial Administration $3,050 Open
Intellectual Property Rights Law, ICT AND Corporate Governance $3,050 Open
Judicial Administration and Justice Reform Workshop $3,050 Open
Enhancing Unimpeded Access to Justice and Dispensing Quality and Speedy Justice $3,050 Open
Information Technology Application in Judicial Case Management $3,500 Open
The Role and Responsibilities of the Board Secretary $3,500 Open
Skills Improvement Course in Court Management and Judicial Administration $3,500 Open
Handling Employment Law Issues $3,050 Open
Legal Issues in the Workplace for Legal Personnel and Administrative Officers $3,050 Open
Effective Management of Legal Risk $3,500 Open

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